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uk & International sales strategy



In today's fast paced, ever changing markets, successful companies are continually adapting.  The first department to change and adapt should be your sales organisation.   However, all too often it is the last department to change strategy.  What has worked in the past may not be working today and even the most hard working sales people are left running around trying to generate business, but not succeeding.  If this sounds familiar, it is time for you to rethink your sales plan.  Do you have the right distribution strategy?  Are your pricing models relevant?  Are there new sectors or markets to target?  What are your customers' expectations?  How have these changed? 

If your business growth is not at the rate you expected, our Sales Consultants are here to help.  For more information email 



Targeting a new market can be a great way of generating business growth if it is done correctly.  Avoid costly mistakes or lengthy delays by getting the plan right from the beginning.  Whether you are a UK company looking to export or an International company looking to open the UK market we have experienced professionals able to help you get sales strategy for your launch right first time.


sales coaching

A happy, motivated and enthusiastic sales team will always sell more.  Coaching can provide a new focus, energy and commitment to delivering your corporate goals.  And a small investment can bring big rewards!  Whatever level of experience your sales team has, coaching will always help, after all you are looking for your team to be elite in their field.

All our programmes are tailored to match your individual needs so whatever opportunity, issue or challenge you are facing with your sales strategy  please email and we will arrange a call back to discuss.