survival of the fittest for businesses

compete, adapt, evolve and survive

Charles Darwin's theories of evolution talked about 4 key phases, which we believe are just as relevant to the business world as they are to the natural one.  We have taken a look at those phases and how they apply to commercial activities today and we use this thinking in all our coaching, mentoring and consulting activities.


The fight for survival begins when there is more competition than demand.   The number of SME's in the UK is growing rapidly (+63% since the turn of the century) and it is a well known fact that 91% of business start ups fail in the first year and only 60% of those remaining will make it past year 5.  However, we believe all businesses willing to embrace the need to adapt can survive, and we have the tools to help you.


When competition is strong it becomes essential for businesses to offer a point of difference to stand out.  Offering variety gives customers a reason to buy and a reason to spread your news.  In a world where information is accessible at your finger tips, the drive for something new, innovative and unseen is strong in all consumers.  If you get this right it can have a huge impact on your business.  


However, being different is not enough on its own, businesses that have variation most suited to their environment will be the strongest.  It is crucial therefore that you have a strong understand of your market, your customers, your target customers, your competitors and all future trends in your sector.  Innovation is a key component of success but this needs to be underpinned by strong analysis and we will help to ensure your decisions are always data driven.


Today's business environments are tough, competition is fierce, budgets are tight and consumers have the whole world to shop from.  However, there are many companies, small and large, that are thriving under these conditions and yours can too.  So whether your business is just starting out, enjoying rapid growth and needing to become a bigger organisation, or reaching stagnation, contact us to see how we can help with the next step of your evolution journey.   

evolution in action

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change".  Charles Darwin, 1809

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